Things You Need To Know Before You Hire A Pressure Washing Company in Nanaimo, BC

Pressure Washing

After twenty years in the pressure washing business, if I have learned one thing it is that not all pressure washing companies are created equally.

Any sidewalk in Nanaimo, BC is victim to thousands of pedestrians, bikers, runners, and other foot traffic producing chewing gum coffee & soda spills. With this type of wear, you need the contact the best pressure washing company in the area.

There are some companies in in Nanaimo, BC that have worked hard and invested time and money to bring you the most efficient form of sidewalk cleaning. An experienced company should be using the latest equipment like a hot water pressure washer and or whisper wash machine.

Also look for a company that applies an environmentally friendly soap to the cement to free dirt, grease, salt, mold, mildew, and other stains from the surface. The combination of the soap and the pressure wash will provide your sidewalks with a complete makeover.

What about the mess left after pressure washing? Are they going to rinse and squeegee the windows before they leave? Will they sweep up any leftover debris and make sure to get this all done before your store even opens? While you want your building to be in tiptop condition, it is just as important for the areas around your building to be clean and presentable as well.

Look for a company in Nanaimo, BC who makes sure that all of this is taken care of like Extreme Pressure Washing. They understand sidewalk cleaning. No matter what has come in contact with your sidewalk, man-made or natural.

The process is this: First apply a chemical to the cement that loosens the dirt and grease from the sidewalk. Then, use a special machine called a whisper wash which spins around. The two pressure jets on the underside of the washer spray high-pressure water onto the cement, giving the cement a deep and thorough clean. While the grease, dirt, salt, mold, and mildew are rinsing away to the nearest drain, make sure they melt off any chewing gum that may have landed on the surface.

City streets and sidewalks in in Nanaimo, BC that encounter hundreds of pedestrians and bikes require the best and strongest cleaning system. Look for a group of professionals dedicated to making sure the sidewalks outside your building are as clean as the building itself.